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Wall Cladding

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Hygenic Wall Cladding:
Our Hygienic Wall Cladding products offer a high quality cost efficient, durable and seamless surface conforming to EU hygienic requirements. The product is currently used in commercial kitchens, showers, toilet areas, wet rooms, food services, restaurants etc. Our Anti Microbial Sheet(AMS) is used in Operating Theatres and Pharmaceutical laboratories. All sheet and trim products are adhered with two part Polyurethane adhesives and are supplied with a protective film which is removed after installation.

Features are:

Class 1 fire rated.
Low maintenance.
Durable and seamless wipe able surface.
Impact resistant.
Easy clean surface inhibits bacteria.
Pvc-u sheet to EU standards.
All junctions can be trimmed, silicone sealed or welded.
All Internal / external corners are thermoformed, i.e. heat moulded to form around corners and angles of the substrate walls.
2 part “klic” system finishing trims.
Working temperature 5 – 50ºC range.
The products are available in a range of colours. Artwork, such as company logos or panoramic images can be incorporated into the product to enable bespoke design options to enhance any area.


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